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Preventing Food Poisoning In Elderly Adults


Anyone can be affected by food poisoning. However, the effect will always vary according to the immunity of each person. Food poisoning is rampant nowadays and there is no exception as to who will be affected.

Some people are likely to get sick when they are food poisoned because their bodies can’t fight the bacteria well. As a provider of elderly care, we observe that people with a higher risk of food poisoning are those:

  • Adults aged sixty-five and older
  • Children who are younger than five years old
  • People with comorbidities and weakened immune systems
  • Pregnant women

However, as a home health aide in Florida, it is significant that senior adults are the majority victims of this problem. Elderly adults tend to hoard their food. They stock too much in the pantry and fridge without knowing that these are expired, they eat them. Without proper guidance and companion at home, food poisoning is more likely to happen to them.

Kind Heart Home Care is a provider of home care services. Aside from homemaker services and companionship we provide, we also make sure that food inside the senior’s home is well-managed. We need to give attention to seniors’ food intake as it can be a factor which will jeopardize their health.

As a homemaker in New Port Richey, Florida, we make sure to choose safer food for senior adults. We also safely cook each meal with an internal temperature high enough to kill germs and bacteria. We handle their food and store them accordingly. We thoroughly clean, separate, and chill them in the refrigerator promptly.

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